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Lets's talk about our experiences and how we met god.

Well i can say i met him short time ago, I was a boy who liked
go partys and get drunk, have relations just for have them.
Ell in general my life was empty.

I had to touch bottom for meet god. One day before i met him
i went to jail for be drinking beers outsite. In that moment i felt
my life was going. So at next day i went with my mom to the church
For be honnest i didn't want to go but something made me go
that something was the holly spirit. That they my life changed that
day i felt something special in my heart. I was happy without reason
That day the old danny was killed and a new danny was born.

Till that day i have been meeting god in unexplained ways. And
i thank him for let me know him.

Short but nice story lol

Well here i share with you my favorite song to him

Que interesante, sinceramente me alegro mucho que en tu lindo corazón more Dios no dudes de su amor, es el amor más sincero que puede existir.
Dios te bendiga y te cuide siempre.

mm ziii!
Dios es maravilloso!!
dificil de entender su amor por nosotros..
pues yo en verdad estoy agradecida con el.por
muchas cosas....yo lo conoci por mi mama
que grax a el nacio mi hermano...
That's a very special incident to happen for you Danny!
It's great what God has done for you and all of us.

That is really nice also Erika! :D

I was born into a strong Christian Family, so I met God through my parents, and I always believe in him since I was a baby. (Y)

I trust in God more and more as I grow.
I'm very thankful for all that he has done for us!

...i met God at a very special retreat, that is called encounter God retreat..
a month after my cousin died, grace...I was so down and empty..we were closed and I love her so much...then that time she's the only christian in the family, her friends contacted me and invited me to go to an encounter weekend..and there I met God..I had experienced deliverance and was baptized with the Holy Spirit..since then up to this very moment I have been serving God and it makes me feel complete, fulfilled and happy.. and Im preaching His gospel to everyone and I love living like this...
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