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..I don't know if there is somebody else here who had experienced the encounter weekend....mostly in G12 churches all around the world..I have encountered God by that retreat and I want to share my experiences with everyone here.."
my mother raised me alone and I don't know who's my father and I grew up looking for love from other people specially from my friends coz my mom was always busy working for the both of us..The first time I learned how to pray..up to the day before the encounter weekend I have been praying to meet and know my hug him tight and say how much I love him..
I was amazed by how God worked in my life..I am so much blessed and thankful because I have meet Father, the greatest father anyone can have...since then I found contentment in my being and my daily devotionals really helps me a lot in growing in Christ, I have now learned to accept Him as my personal savior and my Lord..I have learned to appreciate things better than before even the least ones..I know many won't believe but God promised and said in His words that multitudes will believe in HIM..I am so excited of what God can do through me..

I hope you too will experience this life changing 3day- encounter weekend!!!!

God bless us a hundredfold!
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