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Is there maybe a translation into German in planning? No matter if, or if not, I would like to offer my help...just contact me, if there is any interest.

I should mention, that I'm NOT perfect in English, but I think, I'm able to handle it. Otherwise, it would be silly, to offer help, right?

@Ryuichi Asami: Why? there are more latins here than german..only stupid people uses chars german..the languaje is cool..but the users "triying" to be german just sucks..mmh but...its a nice idea to get multi-L iorbix.
@Chen Champion:
-chuckles- Why not?

But's simple...not everybody is able, to speak and/or understand English and/or maybe is just too insecure to do so...the speaking part, not the understanding one.

Besides of that, I'm not (only) talking about roleplaying. There I only can say, I prefer to play in English, yes, absolutely.
I'm talking about the whole site. I'm sure, there are a lot of people out there, who are taken aback when realizing, their mother tongue is not available.

I don't know, how many Germans, Amis, Latins, Frenchmen, or whatever other nation people are here.
Ever heard of "equal rights for everyone"? Whatever, it only is a suggestion. I'm aware, not everybody likes it -smirks-.
And I'm one of the few people that don't care about this. My life is not depending on how much I am liked on a social media website. I do what I want, when I want, where I want. Who has a problem with that? Block me. As long, as I do no harm, it shouldn't be of interest, what I am doing.
I even have a sympathetic ear for reasonable criticism about myself.

And what, the hell, are multi-L iorbix? I'm only here, since a few hours and this whole "in-bying"-thing pisses me already off...honestly. I'm absolute no friend of these things. I have my profile, because I want to rp.
And I thought, I give this platform a chance, since facebook is -takes a deep breath- a piece of crap, to say it gentle.
But you don't really want me giving the feeling, I'm not welcomed, right?

Ah, isn't it amazing? I always end up writing novels...whatever...I suppose, your questions are answered. If not, feel free to let me know.
Dont mind Chen he is just a troll
@Meteora Österreich:

-shrugs shoulders and smirks- Oh, I just see it as a possibility of leaving a little introduction of my person.
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