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Dear Nuno:

I see myself in need of reporting a bug that apparently is happening to several users. I recall seeing another topic where a user was stating that he tried to access his account as usual but instead opened another person's account. Perhaps that's what's happening here. When I verified the number of places where I have accessed iOrbix, an absurdly big number (25, as you can see in the attached screenshot) appeared and, unless somebody has hacked my password, I believe it may be a bug or a mistake that grants access to a different account than the one you're trying to open.

Would you be so kind to verify this issue?


Thanks in advance!
[code]I have a same problem, please verify this bug. Thanks[/code]

Dear Nuno, I have the same problem that Yuki exposes here (28 open sessions) Please help us to verify what is happening with the accounts and their security.
Thank you so much!
Creo que todos tenemos el mismo problema. Siempre he tenido ese problema, aunque ahora creo que sólo se trata de un fallo... omo

That just means there are 25 sessions logged in the server. It doesn't mean you are logged in 25 different devices :) I wouldn't be worried about this.

This number can increase a lot especially if you log out and log in often.

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