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Good night. I am really sorry to bother you again, but this time it is about something that affects several people. Just about an hour ago, a new profile was created (, which started posting several hate photos and status, meant to insult other iOrbix users. The community's reaction was quite negative, since we all are trying to have a good time around here, without needless drama or conflict; but still, the person behind that profile kept posting, until the pressure was too much to bear (or so it seems) and he/she set the account to "Away". And also, all photos were deleted, after a friend of mine said in the Spanish global chatroom that IP addresses can be traced and banned.

I believe it would be in the best interest of all the iOrbix community if you could verify this issue and ban all accounts related to that IP address if possible. The last thing we all need is somebody willing to insult and denigrate other users by insulting their supposed physical features outside their fictional profiles. There is more, of course, but the most visible attacks were via photographies in which he/she was making fun of certain people. I believe that account received lots of reports because of that. Once again, I am sorry to bother you, but I firmly believe this shouldn't be allowed, and the person behind that account should be punished.

Thank you very much for your attention.
[code]This is a lack of respect in every sense of the word, I really hope that the administrator does something and perfect the account blocking to avoid this kind of bad taste shows.[/code]
Profile is now terminated and the other accounts of this user have a warning on the profile.
Thank you so much, Nuno. I hope that helps in keeping a good mood for everybody to keep having fun without unnecessary trouble.
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