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Good afternoon @Nuno Peralta, please excuse me for open this post but, I have a complaint about a important topic. A few months ago I denounced people who were only dedicated to harassing, robbing and disturbe me, now unfortunately I must reopen the same topic because the situation is becoming increasingly stressful. Now it is not only against me, but also against my close friends and I think it is enough to have to endure such a toxic and harmful person.

Some time ago I gave a friend a skin for his profile, and today I am surprised that this person who often harasses me with one of his multi-accounts has taken that gift to use it, stealing something that does not belong to him. I know that there is a regulation in this social network and unfortunately these stalkers are not fulfilling them. In the previous occasion the accounts were closed to them but once again it has created an endless of profiles.... so the sanction that was put before to them did not serve of anything.

Please, is there possibility of to ban them of this social web or at least put a long block like 1 year? This person is causing a lot of damage and is not content with his cheap copies but has to steal just to be annoying. I know that many have the same problem here so I turn to you as the iOrbix administrator that you are.

The terms of conditions and privacy have been violated, so I ask you to proceed with the closing of the accounts that I leave below, and if possible with a ban that prevents you from creating more accounts.

I leave proof of the theft of the skin and the urls of those involved in the harassment. And if there are more users in iOrbix who know about this "lady" and her actions I ask you to speak on this topic so that Nuno can see and can proceed. Thank to all.

Original Account:
Copy-Clone Account:


Url's of stalker's: The list is very long...

Nuno, as you can see there are many profiles of this crazy girl, so I ask you to block them by IP and to put a restriction on them so that they do not continue to create more accounts. Thanks a lot.
Please give a solution, this person will always continue with those bad actions
Esta mujer no puede dejar de molestarte, siempre lo mismo no se por que no se compra una vida en vez de querer joder la tuya. Creo ya esta obsesionada con tigo y eso asusta espero hagan algo pronto.
My english is bad but i agree with @Mᴀʀɪᴇ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ:
User: Esta persona es un multi-cuentas nivel dios D: Y yo pensé tener muchas.
Se ve que quiere acaparar todo los personajes.
@Ꮋᴏʟʏ ۰ Ꮶɴɪɢʜᴛ ᵜ ᴴᵉᶥᴵᶥᵍ: Bueno fuera que solo hiciera eso pero no, las usa para robar y clonar. Hace un momento incluso me mando sus "amenazas" por facebook, por eso quiero que Nuno haga algo!

@アイオリア レオのレグルス: Gracias :)

@Meliodas Doragon Shin: Tambien espero lo mismo porque esa personita es insoportable.
Sumado a la causa , he sido testigo de lo que ella ha hecho hasta ahora
desde mucho tiempo sigue con lo mismo.

por favor a los administradores de esta red social, ayuden a @Mᴀʀɪᴇ O'Bʀɪᴇɴ.
Este nivel de obsesión es peligro, ojala Nuno haga algo con esa situación, no deja a una persona que en verdad viene a hacer rol estar tranquila.
Que fastidio esa chica. Ojalas nuno se haga cargo porque no es una situacion agradable.
Una lamentable accion de una persona como tal, obsesion es poco ante su accionar
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