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I wanted to ask for help with a matter that has been battling for a week. It turns out that in one of my accounts, I lost access to the mail, so I can not receive the recovery email, I repeatedly entered the last password I remembered, but Obviously I had to introduce it wrong, since the account is blocked, what should I do to unblock it and reuse it?

This is the account that I can not access

From already thank you very much
After 1 day is still blocked? Try it now, if you remembered now you could enter now I guess. When they block it is not forever, is for a certain time.
What happens is that the mail with which I created the account no longer exists, and I do not remember the password of that account, so I can not change the mail and retrieve it, 18 days have passed and the account is still locked
I regret the double post, but since April 15 that I can not access my account, I was blocked by the incorrect entry of the password, and it has not been solved, if someone could help me ... because the mail with which I created it no longer exists, and there is no way to access my account which is explained above
Buenos dias, necesito que me ayuden a recuperar mi cuenta, que es esta

Desde el dia 22 de abril que dejé un mensaje tratando de recuperarla y no he tenido respuesta, en verdad, estaré muy agradecido si me ayudan a recuperarla, el mail con el que la creé ya no existe, por lo que no puedo acceder a la opcion de recuperacion, si alguien pudiera cambiar el mail para poder recuperarla...
O mejor. Si el correo ya no existe vuelve a crearlo tal cual como lo hiciste para esa cuenta. Para cuando desees entrar a tu perfil de iOrbix, ya puedas recuperarla.
El problema, es que es un facebookmail, y ya no existe esa opcion hace un tiempo

I've just contacted you by private message.

Thank you.
Muchas gracias, ya està solucionado <3
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