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It is now possible to share files with your friends using iOrbix Messenger, using your computer or your mobile device (including our Android Application).


Images will appear directly in the chat conversation. You can click them to download.
Other files will just have a link that you can click to download.

[b]Please be aware that the files you share will eventually be DELETED from our servers, at the same time the chat messages are expired.[/b] We do NOT keep chat messages forever.

We've also made a few other improvements to our Chat functionality:

1) You can now download your chat history with someone by clicking the new "Download" button in the chat window. This will download every message we have saved in our database. Please be aware that when the messages expire, they won't appear in the history anymore.

2) When you log in to iOrbix and we think you have new unread messages with someone, the chat window will appear as highlighted, so you don't miss any message! This also applies to our mobile version.

3) We made some other small fixes in terms of stability and synchronization if you have several iOrbix tabs open on your browser, in relation to the chat.

We hope you enjoy these new changes!
Thank you,
Es genial que hayan implantado este nuevo feat, la verdad es que quería hacía mucho poder enviar imágenes desde ahí por la comodidad. Gracias Nuno!
Thank you very much for your comment! :)
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