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We have released the new iOrbix, and you can read about the new iOrbix here:

We are still working on the new layout that Andrew described here.

Please tell us what you think about the new iOrbix, in the link above :)

Thank you,
@Marco Pinheiro: Thanks for the reply.
@Joaquim Venâncio: The Android App will be launched at the same time that the new layout. Since there isn't a defined date for the layout, there isn't a date for the app too!
@Nuno Peralta: There is already a provision for the release of iOrbix app for Android?
@Nuno Peralta: I'll be waiting.

Ficarei a aguardar.

We plan to release the new iOrbix this year, but we do not have a date yet.

Thank you for your interest,
@Andrew Davis: already have some default date for the launch of the new themes?
@Vitor Arantes: I agree with you and @Cristian Alexandru: :D
even the top menu is not quite so ..............
Hello Vitor,

Your opinion matters, thank you. It's very interesting what you said.

1-10 of 34
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