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Hey everyone,

A frequently asked question is why are your contents appearing in Google results.
Some of you blame someone else because your photo (in Google results) is linking to their iOrbix profile instead of yours, asking "why did you put my photo in Google?".

Well... no need to blame us or to be rude with us. We do not control Google. They are a business completely independent of iOrbix. Google simply indexes everything they have permission to access in Internet.

When Google visits a profile and your photo appears in the Friends List of that person, Google may put your photo linking to that profile. That's just an example. If someone, in some other site, puts your photo there, the same happens.

This is common to any site, like Facebook and others.

If you want more control about what appears in Google, we recommend you turning your profile as Private instead of Public.

Please also note that it may take some weeks for Google to remove your contents from their servers.

I hope this helps answering some of your worries.
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