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[b]=== iOrbix Top Model Contest (Updates and Changes) ===[/b]

I'm glad to see so many people participating in this Model Contest :D (Y)

But, [b]Please do Not cheat in the Contest[/b], because we WILL know.
We have already caught allot of people cheating. [i](Creating Fake Profiles to vote for themselves etc...)[/i]

In the future, your iOrbix account may be suspended.
So please have a fair contest, and invite allot of your friends to iOrbix to vote for you and enjoy our other features.

Myself and other iOrbix staff have also entered the contest for this first month as you may have noticed, to try to encourage more people to participate and not be shy, to vote for the contestants and help add to the contest until it really grows allot with many contestants.

Hopefully January 2011 will have much more members competing and I won't be contesting :)

Keep up the good work and best of luck everyone!
[b]=== Prizes and Awards ===[/b]

The Prizes and Awards for the Top Model Contest are still being finalized by the iOrbix Staff.
[i](The details may not be released until the End of this Month's Contest)[/i]

They will surely be cool stuff that the Winners will enjoy allot, and no one else but the Winners will have on iOrbix.

One Prize will be many iOrbix Coins for the Top winners.

We are also thinking of ways to compensate everyone who competed in the contest, so in this way [i]"Everyone is a winner"[/i] in a sense and no one wasted their time entering our contest.

There may be as many as Top 10 - 12 Winners in this month's Contest that will get special Privileges.
(That is ~ 12 for Boys + 12 for Girls = 24 Top Winners).

So don't be afraid to compete! There is allot chances that you will get something cool! (Y)
[b]You will only surely not get something if you do not try :)[/b]
[b]=== Other Updates ===[/b]

[b]1)[/b] We have added extra security to the Contest yesterday, to more easily and quickly detect cheating, so please do Not cheat as I already explained.

[b]2)[/b] New Updates will be coming to the contest soon, which will help enhance the way you can judge the contestants, and also more easily and quickly interact with people you voted for.
It should make things much more interesting and enjoyable for everyone.

[b]3)[/b] In the Model contests of the following months, as iOrbix continues to grow, we expect allot more members competing.
What we will eventually do, is to separate the contests into [b]Age Divisions[/b].
This will mean, better chances for everyone to win in their own age group, and more Prizes and Fun for everyone.

Me gusta este concurso, porque gracias a eso e conocido a mas gente de todo el mundo :), y me parece grandioso los candado que iorbix a creado para una competencia justa :bd

Nuevamente suerte a todos los participantes y que ganen los mejores :)
I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAUTY CONTEST - NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST - i deserve to be higher than this lol
Thank you for your opinion, Rozana :)

Ultimamente e notado que no he subido de puntos desde hace unos dias, Cuando yo sigo haciendo la publicidad del concurso con los miembros iorbix y pidiendo a las chicas el voto y me e percatado que tengo dos ID los cuales los hacen diferente por la palabra [b]belleza[/b]---[b]topmodel[/b], ambos me direccionen correctamente, pero no se porque la diferiencia de esa palabra, me podrian explicar¨¨, ya que estoy confundido y no se cual es correcto al enviar

Gracias, buen dia..

Juan Carlos :D
Hello Juan Carlos,

Yes I've noticed also that allot of members have stopped raising much in points recently.
I don't know why exactly, but probably most of the active members already voted.

It's a good idea to try to bring new people to iOrbix to vote for you. :)

About the [b]"beauty & topmodel"[/b] in the URL, do not worry about it.
We simply fixed the name of the old links which was called [b]"beauty"[/b] before, to [b]"topmodel"[/b] now.

So you should keep using the new [b]"topmodel"[/b] version, but it doesn't really affect you in any way, both lead to the same page :).

Have a great day!
a ok entiendo Andrew, muchas gracias por responder, de igual manera un exelente dia...
Please always use the "topmodel" link, I strongly discourage the use of "old/outdated" URLs, such as "beauty".
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