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@Radalaila Hotaru Li Antares,

There is no data loss. All the old comments can be accessible through the Comments Archive, even those that were pending before. You didn't lose any comment.
es lamentable esta perdida de informacion aunque sea temporal a muchos nos dejan sin poder hablar con otros usuarios al no poder ver lo que nos han escrito

en mis notificaciones dice que tengo 7 comentarios por aprobar y solo puedo ver 5 :(
esperemos se arregle pronto la base de datos
I perfectly understood now :)

Thanks bro!
@Yᴜᴜᴋi Cʀᴏss and @Michael Myers:

I understand you, and I agree that it is bad that the archived comments are not included in Sent Comments and Conversations.

As I said, this is just temporary, and when we join all the comments again, the "Sent Comments" and "Conversations" will automatically be fixed.

Thank you for understanding us, and this is the only way we can keep your comments for now.
Hello Michael,

I inspected the "Comments Arhive", and you are right, we can't see [b]the whole conversations[/b] anymore.
I'll talk with Nuno about that.

Thank you, :)
[b][i]"This is just a temporary move, and we plan in the future to join all the comments again, as it was before."[/i][/b]

We'll have to wait then, because we can only see the comments others sent to us, we can't see our own comments, by example.
Anyways, I know you guys are working really hard to make things better on iOrbix, at least we can try to talk with our friends and put back all together in case things get too long to be as it was once before. (Y)
I think that I understand.
We do support the comments, once we optimize the things, as we did. At the moment, we support all the comments, the way they are now.

We don't know the future. When we say "we plan", we mean that we want to do this in the future, when possible.
You written above, in post, that we don't support millions of comments.

Will you buy new resources, to coupling them again?
That sentence means that we plan to remove the Comments Archive in the future, joining all the old comments with the new comments, just as it was some days ago.
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