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Hello everyone,

We've released a new feature on iOrbix called [b]Hugs[/b].
This replaces the old Nudges, improving the way it works and its excitement. Better to hug a person rather than shaking them! ;D

In real life, when someone Hugs you, you get happy for some time, but then you'll feel the need of a new hug soon again.
That is exactly how Hugs on iOrbix work. If you don't hug anyone and no one hugs you for a long time, you will miss hugs a lot.
You can only hug 10 people a day. Hugging people is a tiring thing. ;)

So, you must hug people to increase your Hug Percentage! Hug people every day and don't let your percentage decrease.

On your homepage, you'll find Suggestions of people you may want to meet. If you do, feel free to Hug them!


The Hugs percentage appears on the person's profile.


Both received and given Hugs count for percentage.
The list of your recent Hugs is here:


On each Hug, you are notified about how many Hugs are left for the day.


If you hugged 10 people already, you can't hug more people today.


We hope you enjoy the Hugs. The world needs more hugs and less war!
[i]-iOrbix Team[/i]
This is one of all features that I love:o3<3:X

Great bro :)):D
Jajajajajaja, están geniales, lol :P
lol xD
haha XD
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