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Several users keep requesting us an iOrbix application for Mobile Devices.
However, we always reject those requests, although we [b]really[/b] appreciate their interest on improving iOrbix.

But... why doesn't iOrbix have a Mobile Application?

[b]Too many different mobile devices[/b]

There are LOADS of different mobile operating systems, such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, Blue Berry, Windows Phone, etc...
So, if we make an app for one device, it would be unfair for all the others if we don't make an app for them, too.

[b]Constant updates[/b]

If we need to make an update on the application, it doesn't mean everyone will update the app. The app would probably be broken, or could have a bug that could negatively affect iOrbix.
In addition, iOrbix is updated almost every week. Maybe that could mean that users need to update their application every week? We don't know.


It is too complex to make an app and maintain it. It is even worse if there are a lot of different devices.
It is already hard to make iOrbix compatible with all browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and all Internet Explorer versions. So, making it compatible with more devices would be a headache for us.

So, this is why we have iOrbix Mobile website. All the problems above do not exist.

[b]To access iOrbix Mobile, access [u][/u] from your mobile device.[/b]

We know that iPhone doesn't allow Photo Uploading through websites like iOrbix Mobile.
We are trying to figure out a way for a workaround. At the moment, please use full iOrbix website to upload photos. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you,
[i]-iOrbix Team[/i]


Take a Photo and Upload to iOrbix
Hello bro,

This is exactly with what I've suggested:
-> An application for Windows 8 Metro.

I understood that this cannot be made, immediately after I read the topic :).

Thank you^.^
[b]Update For iPhone[/b]
With the new iOS6 is possible to upload photos via iOrbix mobile
Thank you for announcing of update Daniel! :)

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