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We have plenty of users that really use their iOrbix account to keep their secrets with friends and take private notes.
They may share stuff with friends that they don't want anyone else to read it.

So... what can you do to protect your account?

[b]1) Use a strong password[/b]

Many people have very simple passwords that any friend could guess what it is. For example, say a user loves football, and everyone knows that. If his password on iOrbix is "[i]football[/i]", any friend could probably guess it and enter on the account successfully. However, if the password was "[i][f00tba11!][/i]", it would make things much harder for friends that try to enter on his account.

We also recommend you to use different passwords for iOrbix and your email account. Note that iOrbix Staff and administrators can NOT know your password, because we encrypt it in your database, for your privacy. However, having a different password between the services you use is always a good policy.

[u]Here are some tips for making a password:[/u]
- Avoid dictionary words and words related to you.
- Use upper and lower case letters.
- Mix numbers with letters.
- Use special characters. (!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,?,_,~)
- Keep your password big, but memorable.

[u]Examples of [b]weak[/b] passwords:[/u] [i]password, 12345, iloveyou, l33t, p@ssw0rd, <your_crush_name>, <any_dictionary_word>, h4j3I2/O4Y@w8!&#, ...[/i]

Keep in mind that a password may be pretty hard to guess, but that doesn't make it strong, because you may forget it easily.
Noting your strong password on a notebook won't make it strong either, because if someone reads your notebook, they will know your password. Your password should NOT be noted anywhere, but in your mind.

[u]Examples of [b]strong[/b] passwords:[/u] [i]ILuv2PlayP1@n(), iAMcreaTiNg_1_sTrONGPassWorD![/i]

Another tip we have to tell you is, never believe when someone says something like this:
"wow... did you know that iOrbix filters your password if you write it? See with my password: ********"

Again, iOrbix does NOT know your password, so, if you write your password in a comment, it will appear for everyone to see.

You may change your password whenever you want, here:

[b]2) Set Secret Questions and Answers[/b]

This is one of the most important things in your account security. If you never set your secret questions and answers, we recommend you to do that right now. You can set these secret questions and answers only once, so that no one will be able to change them again and you can recover your account if you need.
Keep in mind that the questions are visible for EVERYONE that tries to answer them for your account. So, if a friend of you asks you those questions, never answer them! Otherwise, they will know the answers to enter on your account.


[b]3) Don't forget to Log Out[/b]

If you use iOrbix on a public computer, or on a computer of a friend, don't forget to log out.
However, if you forgot, do not worry! iOrbix provides you a way to log out from everywhere.

Open your Settings page, and expand the "Places You Logged In From" section. You will see how many sessions are open for your account. Pressing the button "Log out from everywhere else" will terminate all those sessions but the one you are using.


[b]My account was hacked/stolen! What do I do now?[/b]

In case someone got access to your account, by finding your password or because you forgot to log out on their computer, there are some things you may try.

If you can still access your account from your computer, you should immediately change your password here:
Changing your password will also log your account out from all other places.

If you've been logged out and can't access your account anymore, you should press "Forgot my Password" on the front page, near Log In, and enter your email.


If you set secret questions and answers, we recommend you to select that recovery method:


Now, answer correctly to your questions and reset your password.
Your account will now be recovered and secure, and all other places won't have access to your account anymore.

[image=] [image=]

We hope this was clear to you. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will try to reply.

Thank you,
[i]-iOrbix Team[/i]
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Keep working!
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I will use what you mentioned.
Thanks for the topic.[/i]
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