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Every day, wherever we go, we see advertisement everywhere.

Most shops advertise their products on the storefront, while restaurants may advertise their menus on a visible place.
Let's see some examples:

[image=] [image=]

Every public place, such as restaurants and shops, lets you stay there and talk with your friends. However, the companies will only survive if their clients buy their products. This is why they have advertisement, so that they may attract people to buy their best items and menus.

That is the same with iOrbix. We love that our users enjoy talking with friends and meet new people every day, but iOrbix has a lot of costs. So, having advertisement and selling features is the way we may survive.

We try to keep iOrbix as free as possible, and we WILL keep most of our features for free, as it is now. iOrbix is not going to be a paid site. However, if we want to make some feature that is very expensive for iOrbix, then users will have to pay them if they want to use them. This is a way to support iOrbix, too. Keep in mind that we do not require any user to buy our products. You may always use iOrbix for free if you wish, without paying anything. You are always welcomed.

If you use Facebook, you might have noticed that they have a lot of advertisement and payments, too. Most games and applications on Facebook have things for you to buy. That's how they survive.
If you use Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger, you might have noticed a lot of adverting banners too.

[image=] [image=]

[b]When you go to a Shop or a Restaurant, you can't go ahead and remove their advertisement while you are there.[/b]
However, [u]iOrbix provides a way to remove ADs on your account[/u]. If you want to do that, please activate it on this page:

We also want the best for our users. This is why we allow users to buy some stuff for free. For example, things that you can buy with iOrbix Coins are for free, because iOrbix Coins are free and earn-able. Learn more about the differences between iOrbix Coins and iOrbix Cash here:

We also have ways that users may get iOrbix Cash for free. That is through free offers we provide here:

We hope you understand this. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will try to answer.
Thank you very much,
[i]-iOrbix Team[/i]
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