Introducing AvaWars

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cool :bd
@Nuno Peralta: Thank you. You are the man, Nuno.
No problem, Bartholomew.

We will provide that option in the future. Thank you.
Hello there! It's cool you're working on it.
But I don't really like the avatar thing.
It would be awesome if you give us the option to remove it of our profile.
Some items are expensive, depending on the Set they are from.

Some Sets are very cheap, while some are very expensive.

For the expensive ones, you must work very hard to get them, earning a lot of Coins on iOrbix :)

Please read this topic for some tips:

Thank you!
I feel mean XD

Don't get me wrong!
I just like my profile like it was
The Avatar kinda ruins the look a bit

And the cloths are expensive XD

Guess I'll have to get use to it :O

Thank you.

At the moment, you can't remove the Avatar from your profile.

Could you please tell us why would you like to remove the Avatar?

Thank you.
Hello Nuno,

I meant... is the Avatar mandatory?

Can't we choose if we have it or not?
Hello Lucia,

Could you please explain what do you mean?
I don't understand your question.
So... I can't take it off?
1-10 of 14
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