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iOrbix has been working on a large project since several months ago, called [b]AvaWars[/b].

On AvaWars, you may personalize your Avatar to express yourself as a Virtual Character. With your Avatar, you can play games, dress in the coolest outfits and hang out with your friends. So, basically, AvaWars is your Virtual Life.

[b]AvaWars is a game that is still in development. Today, we have released the AvaShop, where you can buy Gear for your Avatar and set its skin color, eyes color, hair color and hair style. The game will be released in the future.[/b]

Please allow me to introduce the Shop.


[b]Accessing the Shop[/b]

You may go the shop by accessing your profile and press "Change Avatar", bellow your profile photo.


[b]How AvaShop works[/b]


When you enter the Shop, you will see all the items you can choose for your Avatar.
You may filter them through the tabs above the menu.

To select an item and preview on your Avatar, just click on it.

[image=] [image=] [image=]

[b]Buy Items and Apply Avatar[/b]

You just need to buy the items once. They will remain permanently on your Inventory.
Once you are happy with your Avatar Preview, all you have to do is to Buy the items that you haven't bought before, and then you apply it.

To do so, you have to press the big yellow button at the top. It may say "Buy / Edit" or just "Apply Avatar", depending on the items you selected. If you have nothing to buy, it will just allow you to Apply Avatar.


There are two ways to buy your equipment. You may buy with Coins or with iOrbix Cash.
There may be some items that can't be bought with Coins, as there may be items that can't be bought with iOrbix Cash. Just make sure you have enough money to buy what you need.

[b]Change Hair, Eyes, Skin[/b]

You may alter your hair color and shape, eyes color and skin tone very easily.
Place your mouse over the Avatar and click on the "Avatar Attributes" icon.

In this page, you may also remove some Gear you don't wish to wear on your Avatar.


[b]Save my Avatar Preview for future use[/b]

If you don't have enough money at the moment, or you want to save your current Avatar to use it later (while you preview other Avatars), it is very easy to do.

Place your mouse over the Avatar and click on the "Save Avatar as Identity" icon. Then, write any name for it and save.


Your Avatar Identity will be saved on the list bellow, and you may use it whenever you want.


[b]How to get Coins and iOrbix Cash[/b]

To learn more about iOrbix Coins and iOrbix Cash, please read this topic:

To earn or buy iOrbix Cash, please access this page:

We hope we've answered all of your questions. Please don't hesitate to ask us anything you want to know. :)
We would also like to know your opinion about AvaWars.

UPDATE - 800+ New Brand Gear on AvaWars

Thank you very much,
[i]iOrbix Team[/i]

The newest section is very interesting, you can buy everything you want, with just a click. :)
I love the AvaShop ^.^.

Thank you for this wonderful release,
Thank you Criss! Glad that you like it.

I'm looking forward to view an updated Avatar on your profile ;)
Ok ^.^.

I will update my Avatar.
So... I can't take it off?
Hello Lucia,

Could you please explain what do you mean?
I don't understand your question.
Hello Nuno,

I meant... is the Avatar mandatory?

Can't we choose if we have it or not?

At the moment, you can't remove the Avatar from your profile.

Could you please tell us why would you like to remove the Avatar?

Thank you.
I feel mean XD

Don't get me wrong!
I just like my profile like it was
The Avatar kinda ruins the look a bit

And the cloths are expensive XD

Guess I'll have to get use to it :O

Thank you.
Some items are expensive, depending on the Set they are from.

Some Sets are very cheap, while some are very expensive.

For the expensive ones, you must work very hard to get them, earning a lot of Coins on iOrbix :)

Please read this topic for some tips:

Thank you!
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