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I would like to explain the difference between a [b]Fan/Fictional Profile[/b] and a [b]Fake Profile[/b].

That is something that our users ask a lot about.

[b]What is a Fan or Fictional Profile?[/b]
A profile is considered Fan or Fictional if it is not a real profile about its owner.
So, as an example, if a profile is about Justin Bieber or some other celebrity, then we consider it a Fan Profile. If the profile has only photos of cartoons, random photos of people (that are allowed to be used anywhere) or things, then we consider it a Fictional Profile.

All Fictional Profiles are attached an icon of a cat, so that anyone may identify them.



[b]What if a profile is Fictional and doesn't have the attached icon?[/b]
Those profiles are breaking the Terms of Service. We require that people use their own personal information on iOrbix.
So, if a Fictional account is not marked as that, then it has the risk of being terminated at anytime.

[b]If you own a Fictional Profile and it is not marked as Fictional, you may mark it yourself through the Edit Profile page:[/b]


If you see some Fictional Profile that is not marked as that, please report that to us through the "Report Abuse" button on the profile. We will review your report and, if necessary, mark the profile as Fictional.

[b]What is the difference between a Fictional Profile and a Fake Profile, then?[/b]
While a Fictional Profile is known as Fictional or Fan, using photos of a Celebrity or some Cartoon, they are not lying about their identity.

[u]A Fake Profile is a profile that uses false personal information, using photos and info of anyone other than themselves without permission in order to hide their real identity and, possibly, trick other users.[/u]

We [b]do not[/b] allow any Fake or Commercial Profile, even if they are marked as Fictional.


[b]What are the cons of owning a Fictional Profile?[/b]
While real profiles are usually fine and allowed on iOrbix, we do not guarantee that Fan or Fictional Profiles will be forever allowed.
We are not planning on stopping them but, if some of those profiles bring copyright issues on iOrbix, we will be forced to terminate them.

[b]If you own a Fictional Profile, please make sure you are not using copyright-protected images.[/b]

In addition, we may hide Fictional contents in some places of iOrbix, such as Friends Recommendations and the Public Wall of Recent Activity.

[u]Fan or Fictional Profiles can not be on Top Model Contest.[/u] If we find someone on Top Model with a fictional image, we may suspend the account.

For those who don't want to see contents of Fictional Profiles on the Public Wall, we provide a button that will hide that for you.


We hope this is clear to you. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,
Nuno Peralta
Hello bro,

I have some questions regarding this subject :)

1.When a fictive/fan profile is created. Is it marked automatically as well?
2.If a person has photos with she/he and has fake information on her/his profile, why is profile marked as fan/fictive?
3.For example, if I made a mistake, and I mark my profile as fan/fictional, may I uncheck that box so easy, than I check it:)?
4.When I've made the mistake from previous question, what is happening then?
-> Will I be disqualified automatically?

Thank you,
Hello Cristian,

1. All profiles are set as Real, by default. That can be changed by the user itself (as Nuno explained at his post) or by Staff when needed. When you see a profile that is incorrectly set as Real or as Fictional, you should report abuse of that profile.

2. Could you explain it better ? I couldn't understand your question.

3. Yes, you can always change your type of account but when a Staff member changes it, that option is going to disappear and you should email us asking to change it once more.

4. You are talking about Top Model, right?
Hello Marco,

2 --> For example:
This profile:
has photos with it's real owner, but the Real Name and the Nickname of it are not real, and information such as she lives in 'Venezuela' is fake.

Why her profile is marked as fan/fictional?

4 --> Right!
2. She changed her profile type to Fictional by herself.

4. In that case you [u]i think[/u] should be automaticaly removed from the Top Model contest. That's not happening right now, but I'll talk with Nuno about it.

[i]>> has photos with it's real owner, but the Real Name and the Nickname of it are not real, and information such as she lives in 'Venezuela' is fake.[/i]

Once she is using her own photos, we don't really mind that she is using fake info about her. However, it is against our Terms of Service, but we won't do anything. Anyway, I marked her account to "Real".

Regarding being disqualified of Top Model Contest when marking as Fictional, I don't think it is a good idea, because real people may get disqualified by mistake.
Admins are alerted when a Top Model Contestant is marked as Fictional, and we will take a proper action by then.

Thank you,
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