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@Nuno Peralta: Oh thanks! Im SO noob sometimes!

The code button is just to format the text in this way:

[code]Example of Code Format[/code]

No code is parsed with that command.
Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you,
Well, i have a question. That icon means "Code" with the slash and the little triangles. I dont know how to use it , it is for introduce another kind of codes like link codes?
I want to make a directory of my post in my blog, i dont speak english, so I will expain this how i can.

Would be like ...

-[u]The Beginin[/u]- [and you can clicked on cause is a link, and be redirectioned to that page]

Because I dont want to my friends get dizzy for being looking for a post or something. So If that code, called link code, its like

<a href="here you tipe the link">here the Title </a>
That really will be amazing, cause I've been see people who wants it. Just that, I've seen that iOrbix still growing up and making GOOD changes, im notified that now mobile version have characters recount, and that's amazing

Again, sorry for my BAD BAD english, I hope you can understand me.
Well, I really love this web just because the possibilities of profile edition.
Really love it, oh...and for the Global Chat, it's very funny.

We've noted your suggestion to take it in consideration in the future.
However, we do not promise we will implement it.

Thank you.
quisiera q si se pudiera hasta poner imagenes de lado derecho con texto y asi
@Heicerk Sandaime Hoshikage: Your suggested features are now developed and should be released today. Thank you.

We will work on aligning Forum Introduction very soon.

Thank you!
buenas otra idea con los foros es que dentro de las herramientas para editar, es si colocamos una imagen tener la opcion para centralizar la imagen para darle un mejor aspecto
GReat ;)
Cool Post ;D
1-10 of 48
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