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Hello everyone,
I'd like to address the issue of CSS and HTML editing, and why this will not be allowed on iOrbix.

CSS and HTML code editing is not allowed on iOrbix because of the following reasons:

[b]1) Vulnerability[/b] - Hackers can find ways to mess around with iOrbix and affect many people

[b]2) Invalid Code[/b] - People can unintentionally write invalid code on iOrbix, which can affect those viewing the page, and also damage the Search Engine value of iOrbix, an overall drop the worth and Quality of our Company.

[b]3) Ease of usage[/b] - Probably less than 1% of Internet users really know how to write proper HTML and CSS codes.
Most of the people who actually use these codes, just find them off of some Website or they generate them using some tool.
Then then paste that code to it's destination, hoping that it will work. So a large number of people end up with a messy looking page/content.

So CSS and HTML is definitely not the easiest thing for normal users to manage. We don't want to force anyone to learn a Markup language in order to have a very cool iOrbix Profile.

However, you have lots of personalization options to personalize your Profile such as hide / move your sections, set a number of comments/gifts appearing on those sections, and much more.
Plus, as the time goes on, new options are being developed.


So, what can you the members, and we the iOrbix staff do to compromise this situation?

There is a very simple solution:

If you are missing a feature of HTML or CSS on iOrbix that you would like to have available, just let us know what editing capabilities you are missing. :)

Would you like to have Bold, Italicized or Underlined Text?
Would you like to be able to
insert Tables, Color elements, use borders, etc....?

All you need to do, is tell us what you really want from CSS and HTML, that you would like to have available on iOrbix.

We will discuss all the suggestions, see what is possible or not for us to do, and what features are really unnecessary.
Of the approved, we will then develop those "Built-In" features on iOrbix (similar to how the Image Insert and Video Insert functions currently work).

In that way, Everyone on iOrbix can enjoy easy, non-confusing editing all over iOrbix!
This will make it fair for the large majority of users who do not know how to use HTML and CSS.


I hope you understand now, why we don't allow CSS and HTML editing, and that you also see that it is not a bad thing at all.

We are willing to do the extra work to develop these features for you ease and safety!

Thanks for reading and we look forward to your suggestions,
Maybe an option for edit the text like the forums.
With that, i'm not gonna miss the HTML or CSS anymore =)
Hi Barbara,
What do you mean exactly by: "an option for edit the text like the forums."?

Do you mean these iOrbix Forums?
or other Forums around the web?

What we have in plan for the near future, is a full set of text editing options like you will find in regular Forums Online:

(Example from:

How does this look for you?
It looks cool!
Me parece bien
Hi Andrew,
That example is what I mean.
I like that =)
it is great, but don't forget the justify alignment :)
I'm glad that everyone agrees with this.

But this Screenshot is not what we have developed for iOrbix yet, this is just an (Example) ScreenShot I made, of the text editing options on my Forum:

Having sets of options like this for iOrbix is our plan anyway.

In the first Post of this Topic, I'll keep note of all suggestions made, so please keep posting the important Editing features you want to have.

pues a mi personalmente me gustaria que se pudiera centrar las imagenes y el texto
podre añadir imagenes en todas las seccionesd intereses, poder poner la letra de colores y poder hacer mas grande alguna palabra que podamos destacar o que aparesca subrallada y poder añadir una imagen y que el texto aparesca a la izquierda o a la derecha de la imagen con eso me valdria y tambien una poder añadir una tabla osea quiero muchas cosas jeje
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