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Hello everyone!

Today we have released a game on iOrbix where you need to save us from the Martians Attack.

You can play the game at

There are currently 5 people that finished the game and earned [b][c=#E50000]150000 iOrbix Coins[/c][/b].
Congratulations to all of them!

1) Cristian Alexandru
2) João Cruz
3) Sara Raquel
4) Luis Cardoso
5) David Simões

You may find all of the winners here ->

We have now dropped the reward to [b]25000 iOrbix Coins[/b]. You must HURRY to end the quest as soon as possible, because we are planning to drop the reward again!!

Please tell us what you liked and disliked on the iOrbix Quest.

[i]For those who didn't end the quest yet, we'll give you some hints:
1) The entire quest is done on iOrbix.
2) You may need to travel through iOrbix to pass all levels.
3) You may need this tool for a level:
4) There are 10 levels.[/i]

If you are trying to find the [b]Martian Grak[/b]...


Nuno Peralta
That was some amazing feature you've made here on iOrbix, I really enjoyed this quest, not hard to do, actually it is very accessible to everyone. Some levels require more brains but, don't worry, as I said it's accessible xD

This is my kind of games, brain/quest games, so I enjoyed it a lot, hope you guys that haven't made it yet, enjoy it as much as I did.

And by the way, great job Nuno !
João, it was accessible because the answer for it is :42:!!!!

:42: is the answer to life, the universe and everything!!
Ahah, now I understand that 42 ! x)
Aqui está um bom desafio para o pessoal do iorbix. Dá para puxar pela cabeça. Adorei o desafio, é simples de se fazer, apesar de 1 ou 2 fases nos fazer pensar um bocado e pensamos que é dificil. Juntei me ao desafio porque é deste genero que eu gosto. Aconselho a todos a realizarem isto.

Parabens bom trabalho Nuno ;)
Thank you David!

If you need any further help, you know... the answer is :42:!!
Lol That was fun, last levels made me think to much, but it is easier than it seems.
Great Job to have more fun on iOrbix World!!

42!!! lol
This game was perfect, it is stimulating your creativity and power of knowledge of iOrbix.
Good job Nuno.x3@-^.^

[b][c=#E50000]Good luck members!!![/c][/b]
Cristian, if you see the page, more people have completed the quest, so those earned 25000 coins.
Thank you Daniel!! Yeah, :42: rocks!!
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