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We're happy to announce a new feature on iOrbix, the Global Wall.
It may be found on your homepage, where you usually see activities from your friends.

[b]The Global Wall will show all updates from your friends and several other global activities that iOrbix thinks that may interest you.[/b]


[b]So, the advantages of having the Global Wall are:[/b]
- If your friends have low activity, you may find more activity from people you don't know yet.
- If your friends don't care about what you share, other people may like what you are talking about and then comment about it.
- You will meet new people.
- You may learn faster what's happening now.

[b]We are still respecting your privacy![/b]
- Posts from Private Profiles will ONLY appear for friends.
- Posts that are not selected for the Public will ONLY appear for friends.

[b]iOrbix allows you to control the visibility of each post.[/b]
- Before you share a message, you may select between "Public" and "Friends".
- If you want to change the visibility of a shared post, just click where "Public" or "Friends" appear, near the "Like" button, and change it.

[b]We are now allowing you to report a single post.[/b]
If you don't like a post, or if a post is illegal or spam, you may report abuse by clicking on the link "Spam" for that post.
Your report will be reviewed by iOrbix Staff. However, iOrbix will eventually decide if the post should disappear or not from the Public Wall.

Please note that even if your profile is Public, it doesn't guarantee that your posts will appear on Public Wall.
Just try to be interesting and a good member on iOrbix, and you'll see your posts appearing always :)

Thank you very much for reading.
We hope you love iOrbix,
[i]- iOrbix Team[/i]
This feature is very cool:)
I love iOrbix<3
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