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All of you may have already noticed that we have a currency called [b]iOrbix Cash[/b].

This is just a way for us to separate what you earned on iOrbix, and what you bought.

[b]iOrbix Coins are earn-able[/b], and you may earn them by:
1) Using iOrbix
2) Completing your Profile
3) Finding random coins in the homepage
4) Submitting a cool Profile Skin to iOrbix Gallery
5) Translating iOrbix into your language
6) Being a valid contestant in Top Model Contest
7) Bringing members to iOrbix
8) Voting for Top Model Contestants
9) Completing the iOrbix Quest
10) ...

You can't buy iOrbix Coins.

[b]iOrbix Cash is buy-able.[/b]
Every account starts with $10 for you to spend it on something.
However, you must have bought iOrbix Cash at least once before you are able to use it.

You can buy Gifts and Gear for your Avatar with iOrbix Coins or iOrbix Cash.
There are some Premium Features on iOrbix that can be only bought with Cash.

To earn or buy iOrbix Cash, please access this page:

Thank you for reading,
Nuno Peralta
I like it:D:D

[c=#608FBF]Hi Nuno, on this subject I have some doubts ...
First, could you explain the point number 4 "Submitting a cool Profile Skin to iOrbix Gallery" and item number 6 "Being a valid contestant in Top Model Contest"

And the second question ... page to earn cash or buy iorbix how safe is it?
Because just now try to earn some money through this survey, but when I answered all got nothing ... Me said conicidian not the place where I used my computer .. something that is totally illogical because enter my correct data.

Could you please tell me what options is sure to get some cash iorbix.

Thank you.
Nice day![/c]

1) "Submitting a cool Profile Skin to iOrbix Gallery"

You may create a iOrbix Profile Skin and then submit for iOrbix Skin Gallery. If it is accepted, you will earn coins, if we like your skin.

2) "Being a valid contestant in Top Model Contest"

If you participate on Top Model Contest and don't break its rules, you will earn coins every month. You will earn the most coins if you are the winner of that month.

3) "page to earn cash or buy iorbix how safe is it?"

In the page of the offers, you can see a page for the Privacy Policy of it. You may read it for security info.

People usually earn cash after completing an offer. If you didn't earn it, then there may be something wrong.
Could you please tell us what was the survey/offer you tried to complete? That may help us to investigate better.

Thank you.
[c=#608FBF]Hi Nuno.
Thank you very much for clarifying my doubts.

I think it takes part in "Submitting a cool Profile Skin to iOrbix Gallery" because I really like the design.

On the page you try to win cash iorbix was responding to a survey on "Daily Steals & Deals".
Still keep trying in other ways to win cash and I dress very nice to my Avatar.

Nuno Thanks for the information.[/c]
In the page of the offers, could you please open "Pending Offers" and tell me what it says in the offer you referred here?


Thank you.
[c=#608FBF]This is what he says:

Every click results in a 'Pending' offer type. If a transaction is not completed, the Pending offer will fall off after 14 days

Type: Pending
Date: Aug 27th 2012
Details: iOrbix Cash Give your opinion today
Balance: -
Status: Viewed
Support: -[/c]
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