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This is a topic for iOrbix users suggest gifts that they want to have here on iOrbix.

So please feel free to suggest what you like more to has a gift to give and/or receive.

We will take those suggestion in consideration.
tequila shot
happy birthday gifts
Definitely a beer as a gift :D.

Also, I would like :

hearts inscribed: love you, hate you, miss you, best friend, colleague, ....... :)
I would like to suggest

-Digital clock
-Puppies (dogs)
-Cuddly: panda, tiger, white bear, dog, cat
-Set of music: violin, flute or piano

at the moment are the only ones that come to mind ...: D
- cute animals[hugs,with flowers,big eyes]
- lips,hearts;
- text "Thanks for the add"
- dolls;
- music notes, cd...
Sexy underwear, F1 bolid, our profile picture, meaning that we want to offer our self like a gift for our partners.

Also good ideas:
-little baby
-Colt revolver
-hand caughts
-plastic bags with mud
-WooDoo dolls, etc, fun stuff

Related by these gifts, i have a idea!
What if we allow members to perform bad or good changes to their profile, like in a game? Gifts Section will be our arsenal and our profiles, the targets.
Ex: If someone received some plastic bags with mud, like a gift, to be able to use them, by throwing them in to someone's profile, leaving dark spots for a day or two. :))
- yoyo
- fruits ( strawberry, cherry, banana, apple, orange, kiwi, grapes, melon ...)
- jewelry box
- cigarettes
- mp3 player
- sun glasses
- earrings , bracelets and chain
- red or pink handcuffs
- books
- poker cips
:)) World is too small. Lol...
1-10 of 30
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