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Man I love iorbix because it is easier than Facebook because I got more friends on hear I have 52 friends on there now[image=]
I think that iorbix is the best website in the world and the first time when i signed up i had no friends and all of sudden i had forty and that is great
@Nuno Peralta: That's true but I wasn't really mature at the time I was pretty stupid and I tried raping my now husband in the mall on our first date. It was pretty crazy.

You can't really trust anyone completely not even your own dad or uncle because there's so many rape cases that come to the conclusion that their step father or uncle were the one's who raped them as children.
There's one model who was raped by her dad and she's got her own talk show or whatever for modeling and In it she doesn't seem very trusting of anyone at all still.

The only thing you can do is make your own judgement's no matter how immature you may be I think you still can go meet people from online .
I've always done it at my own house while my parent's were there and then went to the mall or the guys house after that to just hang out.

But usually the people who will really rape you it's someone you already know usually not a random stranger.

My parent's would always watch those criminal shows about murders when it's all bullshit it's not that out of proportion.
Thank you for your input.

However, I don't mean it's ALWAYS unsafe to meet people.
Once you are already mature and you know what you are doing, you should be safer.

But there is still a risk.
I met my husband through myspace.
It was a lot safer then I thought.
I also used plenty of fish once to meet guys and it was very safe. :)
None of the guys I met online have ever hit me or treated me badly.
This is very important! It's good to see this information :bd
great words!thank`s Nuno! a great advice for all the people.:bd
Hello everyone,

I am here to talk about [b]Security on the Internet[/b], a big issue that [b]happens very often in all social networking sites[/b].
We on iOrbix are always dilligent about protecting our users, and that is why we are constantly checking new accounts, reported content and user photos.


So, have you just met a new person who you are interested in? They seem to be your perfect match, perfect face, perfect personality... Well, now [b]you are in love[/b]!

Every night, you go to your bed dreaming about that virtual companion, wishing that they are together with you...


You've got their mobile number, you've seen them on webcam, you've talked with them.

Then, comes the day that you plan the time and place that you will go on the date with this person.


But, I have a question for you: [b]DO YOU KNOW WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SCREEN?[/b]

You may be pretty confident that your companion exists and is real, but [b]you do NOT know who you will meet on your date[/b]! Trust me here.
You don't know if this was all planned to catch you somewhere alone.
You do not know if someone hates you and used a "virtual companion" to make it easier to beat you.


It is very easy to create a fake profile and trick someone.
[b]Did you know that over 40% of Facebook Profiles are fake?[/b]
The profile may even be real, but it is still easy to trick you with it!
[b]People may be paid intentionally to seduce you and catch you somewhere when you are "dating".[/b]


It is [b]very easy[/b] to find and steal some photos in the internet and use them on a Fake Account.

So, just always remember, [b]NEVER TRUST ON STRANGERS YOU MEET IN THE INTERNET[/b]. Danger!


[b]Never[/b] give your Home Address or Mobile Phone to anyone on the Internet!
[b]Never[/b] plan a time and place to date with strangers!

Even if you know the person in the real life, their account may have been hacked. You can't really know if you are talking with the person you think it is.

[i]However, if you still plan to meet people online in real life, follow some safe practices:
1) Try to see their parents through webcam before you plan or meet;
2) Go with a friend or parent;
3) Meet in a public place where everyone can see both of you;
4) Make sure you have proper transport to that "date/meeting" and back home;
5) Try to hide yourself until you see the person in the place you planned.[/i]

If you want to read more,
[i]How to identify Fake Profiles[/i]


[i]Nuno Peralta, iOrbix COO[/i]
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