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[c=#2D5680][b]=== Get contacted by Model Agencies on iOrbix! ===[/b][/c]

[c=#660000][b]We have Exciting News everyone!
iOrbix is now forming Partnerships with several Modeling Agencies![/b][/c]

These Model Agencies will review the Top Winners of the iOrbix Top Model Competition every month.

They will be able to access your contact information (Phone number & Email - If you allow it), and they will choose which of the Top Models will have a chance of getting to work with their Studio.

[c=#660000][b]Do you have dreams of becoming a Model one day?

iOrbix is now the #1 Place to show everyone your potential and have a chance of becoming a Professional Model![/b][/c]

For now, we are starting with Portuguese Agencies, because Portugal makes up the largest demographic of members on iOrbix.

Very soon, we will make partnerships with Agencies from Romania, Philippines, Mexico, United States and other countries as time goes along and iOrbix continues to grow.


iOrbix will be making new changes to the Top Model Feature.
I will explain in detail below what you can expect to see on iOrbix soon:

(this picture is not real actually - it is just an example)


[b]1)[/b] At the top of the iOrbix Top Model section, you will see a list of the Model Agencies we have formed partnerships with.

At the moment we just have 1 Agency confirmed, but you should see several other Agencies listed there soon in the following weeks.

These are the Model Agencies that will be reviewing the monthly results of the Model contests.
They will choose which of the contestants they would like to interview for a chance at a modeling career.

Face Models -
Best Models -


[b]2)[/b] On the page of Previous Winners, if a contestant interested the Agencies enough to get contacted by them, you will see a notification for that contestant.

[b]"This user has been contacted by one of our Model Agency Partners."[/b]

This will help people to know that our Winners are really being contacted by agencies, and that our Contest is Legit and a Real opportunity for anyone to get the Modeling Career of their dreams.


[b]3)[/b] A new Feature we will implement very soon on iOrbix Top Model, is "Staff Rating".

[b]iOrbix Staff will judge the Top Model contestants based on Attitude, Behaviour and Helpfulness in the community.[/b]

The purpose of this feature is:

[b]a)[/b] To keep the iOrbix Community a better place. To have more respectful and rule-abiding members.

[b]b)[/b] To help the Modeling Agencies in their decisions of choosing who would make the best Model Employee.

Modeling is not only about pretty looks and a beautiful body, but also about having the right character and attitude for the job.

We will be promoting our Contest Winners to represent iOrbix at various Modeling Agencies, so we need to also give our opinions on who has the better attitude and mindset for Modeling, based on the conduct shown within the iOrbix community.

By default, all contestants will have the Staff Rating: [b]Neutral[/b] (3/5)
which means you are a regular rule abiding member.

[b]To get a more Positive Staff Rating, we would have to observe for ourselves your:[/b]
- Kindness or Politeness to iOrbix members or Staff
- Enthusiasm in becoming a good Model
- Helpfulness in making iOrbix a better place

[b]If you get a more Negative Staff Rating, it may be because of:[/b]
- Breaking iOrbix TOS
- Rude behavior or poor conduct to iOrbix members or Staff
- Ignoring "Non-Personal" messages or requests from iOrbix Staff
- Demoting iOrbix or attacking our community in any way (even outside of our Network)

[i](Your Staff Rating can improve or worsen as time goes by, based on the conduct you display)[/i]


[b]We hope that you all are excited as we are about these new Upgrades to iOrbix! :D[/b]

As we promised you, we are always working hard to improve iOrbix and make it better for everyone.

Keep looking forward to new and exciting changes on iOrbix in the coming months!

[b]Invite all your friends to iOrbix to vote for you in the Top Model Contest for a chance of becoming a Professional Model! :bd[/b]

Thank you and best wishes!
[i]-Andrew, Nuno and the iOrbix Staff[/i]
It is a excelent idea:D^.^
Great! :)
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