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hey guys...

about having @ before, is it not copying twitter.

@name it is a regular expression that is been using since email was created.

@ = "at"

so we are thinking about having @name
Thank you for your suggestion, but an image for mentions is not convenient. It would look like a smiley :)
I appreciate your suggestion, still!
Exacto, puede ser cambiado por el icono del logo de iOrbix.
Hola chicos.

Desde mi punto de vista opino lo siguiente:

- Si se deja [b]@[/b], Estaríamos copiando a Twitter.
- Si se quita, Estoy de acuerdo con lo que comento Fabio sobre Facebook.

* Yo sugiero que se modifique el complemento [b]@[/b] por una imagen,

*Que la forma de mencionar sea la misma.

Juan Carlos
ya with @ it is better !

we will not try to follow the facebook "rules" as I may say !
Por mi seria mejor la [c=#0073E5]@[/c] ya que asi, se puede distinguir entre miembros, no como en Face que aveces se confunden los mencionados.
Ah ok, I understand now!
Personally, I like very much with the @ before, and it shows well the meaning that it is a mentioned person. It uses the same way of Twitter for mentions.

If more people agrees on removing the @, please say your opinions here.
Creo que [b]Aleziito Zcream[/b] quiere, que no aparesca la [c=#0073E5]@[/c] antes del mencionado ejemplo :
saldria haci
hola [c=#0073E5]persona meniconada[/c] como estas??
en vez de
hola [c=#0073E5]@ persona meniconada[/c] como estas??
olvidelo =)
Sorry, I still don't understand, and Google Translator is not helping much here. Could you please speak in english, or try give an example with images or so? Thank you.
1-10 of 30
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