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Muito interessante, bem haja pelas dicas :bd
Muy Buenos consejos :bd, Los tomare en cuenta (Y).

Like any other social networking site, iOrbix is a target of [i]fake[/i] profiles, made by people that have some goal in mind, such as:
- Increase profile counters / stats;
- Request friendship so that a private profile can be spied;
- Get some private information that a user doesn't want to give to the other;
- Get traffic, using photos of a celebrity, and use that traffic later for commercial purposes.

We terminated several accounts already, which were obviously fake profiles on iOrbix - [u]if it is against Terms of Service, then we do NOT allow that[/u] ;) - some people seem hard to understand that. Fortunately, fake profiles are not very common on iOrbix, so, it's not time to worry.

Here are some hints that you can think about, to identify if a profile is fake or not:
- [b]Do they have MANY friends and very little comments?[/b]
Look at the counters / stats, those tell you the truth.
- [b]Is there more than one picture?[/b]
If the user doesn't share more pictures with you, then the probability is high.
- [b]Do they seem too good to be true?[/b]
Giving too much without even knowing you means a good step of hacking.
- [b]Do they avoid talking to you on the phone?[/b]
Say a "girl" gave you her mobile number, but she just agrees talking by SMS. Oops, I meant a "guy", not "girl"?
- [b]Do they avoid answering your questions only to ask more themselves?[/b]
These usually want to get some private info from you.
- [b]Does it surprise you they are interested in you?[/b]
If you don't know the person in real, then they are probably suspicious.

I hope this may help someone.
Thank you for reading,
Nuno Peralta
1-3 of 3
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