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For those who wish to have a song on their profile, here is a very simple way to do it!

1) Just find a music on youtube, and copy the URL address on your browser:


2) Then, you simply go to Customize Profile page:

3) Find the Auto-play Youtube Video field, and paste the Youtube address there:



[b]UPDATE (11-03-2012)[/b]
For those who the Youtube videos are not auto-playing, that is because you don't have that option enabled. To enable:

1) Open your preferences, on the Messenger bar.


2) Activate the option "Enable songs on Profiles and Forums", then Save.


[b]UPDATE (25-07-2012)[/b]
In order to improve user experience, we removed the ability of adding Auto-play Youtube videos in Comments, Interests and other places. The problem of auto-playing songs in Comments is that you could break the privacy of other people, by adding auto-playing videos as comments on other profiles, for example. You could also put more than 1 video auto-playing at the same time, which makes no sense too. So, the only reason you would want to make a video auto-playing, is if you want a song on your profile. For that, we've improved the feature.

Instead, we now have a dedicated place for the Youtube song. This will also allow the song to begin when the profile loads, not requiring the users to load the mini-sections to listen to the music.

We updated the tutorial above, with the new changes.

Hope this helps anyone,
Nuno Peralta
Muy bien explicado :bd
perfecto (Y)
Great (Y)
Muito bem :) Isso serve para os iniciantes que gostam de colocar musica no youtube por acaso como ja nao entrava algum tempo aprendi a colocar e simples obrigado :) bom post :) abraços bom Trabalho " Good Job "
Wonderful *.*
buenas porque no dejan la opcion de colocar un video de youtube en los foros ocultarlos y que se reproduscan automaticamente :'(
Hello Heicerk,

We have made improvements on Youtube Autoplay and/or Hidden Videos, and we don't allow anymore, autoplay videos on forums, comments, profiles etc.

But, if you want to have a hidden and autoplay youtube video, you may go to:

Account -> Customize Profile, and you have Autoplay Youtube Video at the middle of the page :).

Thank you,
@Heicerk Sandaime Hoshikage: That is a good point. Thank you for noticing us of that. We should provide the same feature for Forums!

I'm going to note this to be made very soon. Thank you once more.
@Nuno Peralta: x3 eso haria verse mas geniales los foros, muchas gracias nuno peralta
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