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Good morning sir, we know you are a busy man but it is necessary to let you know that the user Hades is once again inciting hatred, it is not the first time that he has done so many other times in the past and from time to time he comes to manifest his mental instability or emotional on this platform, before with the Jace account now with the Hades account.
Let's remember that this mentally damaged person was the source of the offensive anonymous questions.

I propose an IP ban for this user since it has been years of putting up with her on this platform and I invite all those men or women who received harassment or hatred from this user to give their testimony.
What kind of hipocrisy is this ? You want to ban a user that reportedly did not show any visual proof of hate yet you have preferences to keep people and accounts like Grave Coldheart still active ??? Grave was the ONLY CRIMINAL and OPENLY verified account who EXTORTED women causing them all kinds of psychological trauma back in 2019 and YET his account is still active, he commited REAL CRIMES, extorting money from women to not reveal their REAL NUDE PHOTOS so I see no reason to ban this user, when most of you are friends with a CONVICTED CRIMINAL. Also this person mentions that you or those you are defending, are defending a violator, we need to know to which extent all his claims are true.
Si a su amigo lo banearon con lo que dijo en español, ¿Qué necesidad de hacer la denuncia en inglés?

Ya dejen morir el tema.
You cannot ban a user with something as very small as this, there is no proof of anything here and I work in justice so I know very well what I am saying, until very solid proof is shown, this person didn't do anything for a ban.
But yet you want people such as the Izanagis to remain in the platform while they literally wished for me to be r4ped. The people that I mentioned defended them. They say things such as "I hope you are r4ped" or "You were r4ped by your dad/uncle and that's why you're stvpid" and yet I don't see you doing anything about it. They quite literally filtered some of my private information. But you don't care enough about that, do you? I have all the proof if needed. If someone needs to stop the hate, is them.
By the way, I remind you that it was proven that I never sent any anynonymous question since it's not my style to hide behind them. I wasn't even active on the platform when all that drama occurred. However, a different user was the one banned for it. Stop spreading lies and trying to hide the literal crimes you are wishing upon me.
Good afternoon Mr. Nuno, thank you for responding to our requests, we hope that this social network improves with the denunciation of this class of users. Without more to say, I ask you to close this post, thank you very much.
Lol, what a justice, this guy got banned an a literal pedophile criminal, women extorter like Grave still has his profile, whatever. The apex of hipocrisy.
@Angel Sephiroth: If you have any problem, report the posts that bother you.

Just like other users did when reporting your Master Jin profile after your misogynistic comments and harassment of other users of the place. 🙂
Nothing of that came from me, literally, you have never seen anything like that again and in fact you haven't seen me EVEN talk because I am way too busy with my justice work like I have always been, but you could at least admit that hipocrisy rans rampant here and you from little groups to protect yourselves with dozens of profiles, who do you thinking you are fooling ? No one is an idiot here, most of you banners ARE the same person in diferent profiles, dozens of them, you don't fool anyone.
1-10 of 48
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