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Dear Nuno Admin and Andrew Davis,

I wanted to report a serious case of [b]plagiarism[/b]. The Spanish-speaking forum, [b]Arcanum Cosmos[/b] ( has been shamelessly [b]copying content from two external forums[/b] (also in Spanish), [b]Ethereal Cosmos[/b] ( and [b]Crónicas de la Torre[/b] (

As you can see if you click on the links above, Arcanum Cosmos was created one year ago - while Crónicas de la Torre had been 8 years online and Ethereal Cosmos started in 2017. Please have a first look at these pictures:



I am one of the administrators from Ethereal Cosmos. My staff and I investigated thoroughly Arcanum Cosmos and piled up a wide amount of evidence that proves the plagiarism - [b]not only they have copied the setting by doing a mixture of the settings of both forums, but they have also copied characters and RP posts that our users have written and created with their own effort and imagination[/b].

I attached to this post a folder that gathers all the evidence, and it is possible that we still miss a wide amount of content. Most of the content has been downloaded as a PDF (since not all of them is accessible without an user account), and sometimes, to avoid that the evidence is cut out due to Adobe Reader limits, we had to print it in PDF format, which only leaves the text and the pictures, but not the coding. However, we believe the essential content that has been plagiarised is still there.

There are also some pictures and different txt files that point out who has copied and what is it that has been copied (both in Spanish and English). The content is mainly in Spanish, but you can easily compare everything with all that we have gathered. There are also a couple of Copyleaks results PDF (in case you don't reach to see the following links that prove two pieces of plagiarised content):



[center][b]Without further ado, please find attached this folder in the following link:[/b][/center]

If you need an account in our forum to make further research, please contact me through private message and we will gladly lend you one to help you to investigate.

Before doing this research, Arcanum Cosmos wasn't private and I approached the administrators in order to tell them that, in spite of knowing that they have been blatantly copying our content, we would like to talk with them about this matter. However, not only we didn't have a clear response, but some of them closed their profiles as private (which contain copied content, too) and set the forum as private, too. Before the forum was set as private we noticed this suspicious situation of setting their profiles into private (some of the users did that too) and decided to take out all the evidence that was possible in order to report this case to you.

We are completely disgusted by this behaviour, and we would like, if possible, that [b]Arcanum Cosmos and the profiles of those who are involved to be taken down[/b], if possible. If you need anything else, please contact me through a private message and I'll gladly help you.

Thank you very much for your attention.
[ Qué cosas a aU.
||Flaco ahórrate el pedo antes de que se haga tormenta. ni nuno ni Andrew revisan este lugar, se cansaron de tantos dramas innecesarios y solamente andan viendo que el sitio no se muera porque de alguna forma les genera dinero. Tampoco evitaras que el foro siga activo, asi que es basicamente una perdida de tiempo.
|| O también puedes intentar enviándole a Nuno un mensaje a su cuenta. Él ha estado activo para que le sigamos a su instagram, quizás puedas hablar con él.
Gracias, Moon. Probar no cuesta nada.
-Unir a foro-
( Nuevamente la creatividad está en decadencia. Intenta contactar a Nuno. O entre varios denunciemos el foro. )
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