iOrbix will be Migrating to Similar Worlds
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It is now possible to share files with your friends using iOrbix Messenger, using your computer or your mobile device (including our Android Application).


Images will appear directly in the chat conversation. You can click them to download.
Other files will just have a link that you can click to download.

[b]Please be aware that the files you share will eventually be DELETED from our servers, at the same time the chat messages are expired.[/b] We do NOT keep chat messages forever.

We've also made a few other improvements to our Chat functionality:

1) You can now download your chat history with someone by clicking the new "Download" button in the chat window. This will download every message we have saved in our database. Please be aware that when the messages expire, they won't appear in the history anymore.

2) When you log in to iOrbix and we think you have new unread messages with someone, the chat window will appear as highlighted, so you don't miss any message! This also applies to our mobile version.

3) We made some other small fixes in terms of stability and synchronization if you have several iOrbix tabs open on your browser, in relation to the chat.

We hope you enjoy these new changes!
Thank you,

Our users seem to be very happy that we implemented Emoji on iOrbix! We are glad of that.
We have a full list of Emoji in our Smileys popup, and also here -
This makes it very easy for you to insert Emoji when you are using your PC.


However, [b]how can you insert Emoji icons on Android devices?[/b] Here are the instructions on how to enable Emoji using Google Keyboard.

1. Download Google Keyboard from Google Play, here -

2. Go to your "Settings" and enter "Language & input"


3. Click "Current Keyboard" and then "Choose Keyboards"

[image=] [image=]

4. Enable "Google Keyboard"


5. Go back in "Language & input", and click "Google Keyboard"


6. In there, enter "Text correction" and then "Add-on dictionaries"

[image=] [image=]

7. Click "Emoji for English words" and "Install"


8. Go back in "Language & input", and click "Current Keyboard". There, select "Google Keyboard" to start using it


Now you have Emoji enabled on your keyboard!! Congratulations! ๐Ÿ˜…

To use them, go on iOrbix application (or anywhere you can type). When the keyboard appears, [b][c=#E50000]hold the Enter key and drag your finger to the Emoji icon[/c][/b]. That's it!!

[image=] [image=]

I hope these instructions are clear to you!! ๐Ÿ˜œ

You can now connect all your iOrbix accounts, so you can easily switch between all of them.

This makes it easier for our Fictional profiles, since users usually have several accounts, one for each character they play. All these days, every time the user wanted to switch an account, they had to logout and type the email and password of the other account.
We understood that is very annoying, especially on Mobiles, so we introduced the Linked Accounts feature.


To use this feature, all you have to do is type the email and password of the account you want to link, and after that you can switch to that account by just pressing "Log In".

Please just be sure you have a strong password on all of your accounts, otherwise if some bad person enters in one of your accounts, all your linked accounts would be compromised.

We have released this feature yesterday, and in just one day lots of our users have linked accounts and they are switching between them all the time :) that's very good to know this is useful for our members! ๐Ÿ˜œ

[image=] [image=]

If you find iOrbix background animations make your navigation slow or you simply don't like them, you can disable them by changing the iOrbix Color Scheme.

Open the arrow at the right side of the iOrbix header and select "Color Scheme":


Then, select some other color that does not contain the cloud above it.


I hope this helps!
[i]-iOrbix Team[/i]
Unfortunately, we are experiencing some network issues, so it's possible that appears to be down sometimes. The monkeys :D of our Network team are currently trying to find the cause and fix the issue as soon as possible!

Thank you for understanding and we apologize for the inconveniences.


A few weeks ago, we released the new iOrbix Android application. Have you installed it yet? :)

If you have an Android device, download our new iOrbix application. Do not forget to add a nice review to help us! Any problems with the application, please report it in our forum (iOrbix Global Forum) or send an email to We'll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


More info:

Thank you,
Hi everyone!

As many of you have already noticed, the New iOrbix was finally released to everyone since May 10, 2014!
There were MANY drastic changes on iOrbix to make it a better social network. We tell you everything in this post.

[b]Everything that existed in the old iOrbix is still in the new iOrbix. The new iOrbix has LOADS of improvements and new features![/b]


We worked very hard to deliver an improved iOrbix. There were many things not working very well before, so we made sure that we would only release the new iOrbix if it worked perfectly and we were happy using it ourselves. If you want my honest opinion, I *love* the New iOrbix ^D !! We were really excited and anxious to release the new iOrbix for everyone to be able to enjoy all the new features and improvements. We felt REALLY BAD for our mobile users, because the Old iOrbix Mobile was a real useless thing... but the New iOrbix Mobile is a lot more complete and has almost everything now, including Chat!


The changes list is very large, but I went through it and picked up the most important changes. Here's a summary:

[med]The main drastic improvements[/med]
- We made all iOrbix consistent. Profiles with Skins are not different anymore than common profiles. The Log In page is now consistent with the rest of iOrbix.
- Removed *A LOT OF* code, simplifying everything and making iOrbix much lighter internally!
- Profiles load a lot faster!
- Our header is now fixed to the screen and improved. We were really missing this on the old iOrbix!
- Fixed every bug we found on iOrbix!
- We tried to improve usability in everything we thought it was hard for users to do or access.
- iOrbix has less advertisements.
- All Sidebar menus were improved. Also, all items have an icon, to make sure you find things easily.
- Added Sidebars to pages that were missing one.
- Made iOrbix more compatible with Touch screens.
- Improved iOrbix URL format and page names. iOrbix URLs are a lot better.

[med]A few of the things we fixed[/med]
- Improved and fixed the News Feed. It had a lot of problems.
- Improved how sidebars scroll, making it easier to reach what you want.
- Fixed many problems with iOrbix Messenger (Chat).
- Allow open Search Engine auto-completed results in a new tab.
- Made it easier to set up the Real Name. We removed the "Charset" thing and allow all valid name characters now.
- Save option that you don't want to share your messages on Facebook/Twitter.
- Did we say already that we fixed many other things? This list would never end!!

[med]The New Features[/med]
- New "Fun" page, containing most of our main features.
- New feature "Get Notifications" on updates of a friend. There's also a page with Subscriptions!
- Implemented "Verified Account". You can verify your account through the Account Settings. Do it now!
- Implemented iOrbix Color Schemes.
- Implemented Edit Thumbnail feature.
- Up and Down keys will now work when searching for friends in Auto-Complete fields, like Search Engine, Send Gift, Photo Tag, etc...
- New TODO list for new users.
- New page "All Photos" that merges all the albums and respects privacy.
- Option to subscribe to new Forum Topics.
- Implemented new codes for text formatting (separator, center text, headings, quote, etc...).
- Implemented "Preview Comment" feature.

[med]The New iOrbix Messenger (Chat)[/med]
- iOrbix Messenger was totally recoded, making it functioning better, faster, using less memory and adding more features.
- Allow non-friends to chat in iOrbix Messenger.
- Added more useful shortcuts to the chat windows and contact list.
- Implemented Online People pages, including Everyone, Friends, Offline and Recent Chats.
- New utility "Minimize all Chat Windows".
- Chat Windows can now be closed with ESC.
- You can use TAB and SHIFT + TAB to iterate over Chat Windows.
- Added @Mention in global chat mini window.
- Don't type "bobagem", "foolish" or "disparate" in the Chat to anyone!!
- You can now view a list of recent conversations you had on iOrbix.
- We put Chat buttons almost everywhere on iOrbix to be easy to begin a chat with someone.
- When a user is online, we have the online status showing in many places.
- The contact list can stay fixed in the screen.
- We improved the synchronization between browser tabs.
- A lot more improvements and new features!

[med]The New Public Wall (News Feed)[/med]
- Improved Forum updates, always displaying the original post when someone replies; displays a Join button; etc...
- Forum Polls now appear in the posts with polls.
- Improved Blog updates, always displaying the original post when someone replies; improved the Reblogs; etc...
- Manage groups from the News Feed.
- Lots of other small, but important, improvements in most activity update types.

[med]Existing features, now improved[/med]
- Our Log In page now has more interesting stuff, like People and Games.
- Improved our Search Engine. It now contains everything together and new search filters.
- Badges on Profile will include Completed iOrbix Quest.
- Improved Likes counters.
- Revamped Homepage, Profile Comments, Top Model pages.
- Uniformed all Forums pages.
- Forum Admins can now edit closed topics.
- You can now Edit Bookmarks.
- On reblogged contents, there will now be a link to the original post, if it still exists.
- Improved Messages Center.
- Top Model winners will only need to wait 6 months, not 12.
- Better distinction between real and fictional profiles, to prevent any confusion.
- Lots of improvements in the Email Delivery.
- "Clear Search" in Private Messages.
- Improved Anonymous Questions.
- Improvements in the account sign up.
- Added Skype and Instagram as a contact in Profile.
- Set your mood individually for each shared message.
- More characters allowed in the shared messages. Larger photo descriptions allowed as well.
- Better and more competitive profile counters.
- New webcam photo uploader, for those who don't have Flash installed.

[med]The New iOrbix Mobile[/med]
We implemented many of the iOrbix features on Mobile, that our users were really missing in the old version!
- Added Hugs.
- Added Anonymous Questions.
- Added Profile Visitors and Favorites.
- Implemented Edit Profile, Account Settings and Registration.
- Implemented full Timeline page.
- Implemented Like on Mobile.
- Added "Forgot my Password" and "Reset Password".
- Improved News Feed on Mobile. Added "See More" and Filters to News Feed.
- When Deleting something on Mobile, it will now confirm with an alert.
- Show when a user is Fictional.
- Added useful shortcuts in some pages to improve usability.
- Use Ajax to prevent reloading everything when changing pages and sending comments, Likes, etc.
- Improved Search on iOrbix.
- Implemented real-time Notifications.
- Implemented iOrbix Messenger.
- Improved Photo management.
- I'm sure I forgot many other things... :)


There are loads of other things that we have done, but I didn't include in this list. Many of them are so technical that you would probably not understand, but you can trust that everything improved iOrbix very much!

And we are not done!! We are also still working daily and there's more coming soon:
- [b]Android application.[/b]
- We are still working on the New iOrbix Layout that Andrew revealed here:
- Allow users to choose between Everyone or Friends in the sidebar (our users have been requesting that on the new iOrbix).
- ... and some surprizes (new features) that we can't reveal for now! ;)



Please tell us what you think about the new iOrbix. If you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to tell us about it :)
Thank you,
-iOrbix Team

Unfortunately, the company that was providing our iOrbix Games, Mochi Media, has shut down March 2014.

iOrbix team is trying its best to keep our awesome games live. However, due to the way the games were developed and the way Mochi used to work, we are afraid that eventually the scores will stop working completely.

The good news is that the scores service is still working on the Mochi servers. We don't know how long it be live, but for now it is submitting scores well.

The bad news is that a lot of games do not start properly, preventing our users to play them.

[b]HOWEVER, we have a solution that you can do to make all games working properly. It's very simple.[/b]


If you use Windows, search for the Notepad application, right click on it and select "[b]Run as Administrator[/b]". (even if you are administrator, you have to Run as Administrator, otherwise you won't be able to save the file)

Go in File -> Open and open this file: [b]C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts[/b]

Add the following line at the end of the file:


And Save the file.
Please close your browser and open again! iOrbix Games should work well now.


If you use Ubuntu or a Linux distro, open the Terminal and then run the following command, replacing "vim" with your favorite text editor, if you don't want to use vim:

[b]sudo vim /etc/hosts[/b]

Please note that since we need to use "sudo", you might need to write the root's password.

Add the following line at the [b]top[/b] of the file:


To save and quit in vim, hit the ESC key, then type [b]:wq[/b].
Please close your browser and open again! iOrbix Games should work well now.

[c=#E50000][u][b]Mac OS X[/b][/u][/c]

If you use Mac OS, open the Terminal and then run the following command, replacing "vim" with your favorite text editor, if you don't want to use vim:

[b]sudo vim /etc/hosts[/b]

Please note that since we need to use "sudo", you might need to write the root's password.

Add the following line at the end of the file:


To save and quit in vim, hit the ESC key, then type [b]:wq[/b].
Please close your browser and open again! iOrbix Games should work well now.


Please let us know if you are happy with this change, if it works for you or not.

We hope we can get an easier solution that doesn't require our users to make any change, but this is the temporary solution I can see at this time.

That's really sad that Mochi shut down! :( we really loved them...

Thank you for using iOrbix,

We are happy to announce that we are spending over $80,000 acquiring near 50 model agencies in the world.

This is very great news, since this means our Top Model contest will join all the models this list of agencies currently have hired. Loads of new features are coming to the contest to accommodate this acquirement.

We are doubling our contestants by bringing thousands of professional models. Since the agencies will keep operating as they are (just we are becoming their parents), their models will also be able to advise our members in how to become a real Top Model in the future.

I can't provide many details for now, but we will very soon.

We are very excited and we can't wait for the new iOrbix to be released!! A whole new world is coming!

Read more about the new iOrbix ->


Thank you for reading,
-iOrbix Team

We are having network connectivity issues since the morning, but our data center team is working at fixing them.

Hopefully everything should be fine now, but there may be some unexpected issues in the next hours.

Please accept our apologies for having iOrbix up and down all the time today, but be sure we are working on fixing the problems.

Thank you,
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