A Social Network that Connects Your World

iOrbix is a unique social network that makes expressing your life and connections between friends so much easier and fun!
You can share videos, chat on forums, have relationships, rate members, send compliments, gifts, play games and much more.

The iOrbix staff members are always eager to listen to the needs and concerns of the iOrbix users and they work hard daily to make sure that iOrbix is as safe and secure as possible for everyone.

New features are constantly being developed and released to public. We are growing with the help of all our users, especially our Collaborators, that help us reporting bugs and suggesting features.
iOrbix Founders
Andrew Davis Andrew Davis
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Davis, the CEO and one of the Founders of iOrbix, is in charge of overseeing and orchestrating all of iOrbix’s daily operations, its staff, public relations, feature development and its growth.

As a Professional Graphic Designer who has worked for many Corporations, large and small across the globe (namely USA, UK, Germany and Australia), Andrew handles the Graphical and Aesthetic aspects of iOrbix.

Andrew also has a profession in Internet Marketing, uses his knowledge and experience to plan the strategic growth and success of iOrbix. He also develops and invents the concepts for iOrbix's features and its workflow.

As an Entrepreneur, Andrew continues to move forward by operating on building new Companies and Business ventures apart from iOrbix. Some of which are already very successful and growing every day, such as his Facebook Cover Photos site.

Andrew Davis studied in The University of the West Indies.
He was also an Official Community Support Moderator at, the World's 3rd largest Social Network. Andrew has developed Tools, a Forum, Codes and other resources for the use and benefit of the hi5 members.

Being a Website Designer is also part of Andrew's daily life. He develops Websites for companies in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as other parts of the world.
Nuno Peralta
Nuno Peralta is one of the Founders of iOrbix.

His main activities in the company are: Feature Programmer in PHP and JavaScript, MySQL Database Manager, Linux System Administrator, Performance and Memcached Manager, Problem Solving, Development and Production Maintenance.

He also maintains Mail Delivery recommendations, SEO compliance, browser compatibility, memory and CPU usage and other issues.

From the age of 12, Nuno began learning Programming, which began as a past-time and adventure, but has now grown into his life, his future, and root of his many successes. He has developed a range of programs and free services that are widely used even to this day, by people from all over the world. His first success was a very successful skin for Windows Live Messenger.

Nuno excels at Web Development, Database Management, Scalability and Linux administration. This growth came from his practical experience and teaching himself the skills and methodologies he needed to create anything he put his mind and hand at.

He has used these years of learning combined with his newly found education at University of Porto to continuously improve on the Performance, Security, Server Management and internal structures of iOrbix.
Nuno is qualified for Master of Science (MSc) in Network and Information Systems Engineering, where he learned about several important technical subjects, such as Computer Science, Systems Administration, Advanced Topics in Databases, Web Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction.

Nuno served as an Official Moderator at (2008-2009), where he has greatly helped the hi5 staff by finding and fixing serious security holes in hi5. He developed the successful hi5 Profile Generator.

One month after iOrbix was released (17 May 2010), the Company was presented at FEUP (Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto) by Nuno Peralta, in the conference entitled "BEST Days on Technology".

Nuno has knowledge in a wide range of technologies such as web apps, email delivery, database administration, Memcached, scalability and security, Unix & Windows development, Android API, Facebook Graph, COBOL and a lot more.
Staff and Moderators
Marco Pinheiro Marco Pinheiro is the iOrbix CCO. He assists the Company by testing various areas of the site and providing useful suggestions to for its enhancement.

He began propagating iOrbix while it was still in its Beta phase, first through his friends, then similarly, those friends invited their own friends.

Marco is currently studying a Computer Programming Course. He is exceptional at C++ Programming, and utilizes Markup languages such as HTML and CSS, a skill which he taught himself.

As an Official Moderator of the hi5 Portuguese Help Group, Marco previously knew Nuno Peralta and Fábio Serpa, thus he was introduced to iOrbix through them.
Fábio Serpa Fábio Serpa is an Official iOrbix Moderator. He became one of iOrbix's Beta Testers since the company began its development.

Fábio helps the company in Public Relations, Technical Problems and Community Services. His focus is at spamming and abusing issues. He plays a vital part in relaying the feedback and queries between the Founders of iOrbix and its members.

At the young age of 12 he began to interact with some of the most intelligent users online either personally as friend or virtually through chat rooms. This was the start of his learning (mostly self-taught) about everything concerning the Internet and Operating Systems.

Nowadays Fábio Serpa, besides being a part of iOrbix team, works as web developer(with a front-end focus) in an Internet Company. He also served as an Official Community Support Moderator at

He has a Certificate in "Management and Programming of Computer Systems".

Some of his technical skills are HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, Responsive Design, Jquery and Classic ASP.
Cosmin Pencu Cosmin Pencu has been a supporter of iOrbix since its Beta release. He has assisted the company by reporting errors and bugs found on the website, also by proposing ways of improving iOrbix and new features that should be implemented.

He also promotes iOrbix to the Romanian Public through his own websites.

A Graduate of Economics and Business Administration College, Cosmin has a creative an innovative nature, a rich Internet experience and an eye for detail. He seeks for high performance in the projects in which he gets involved, aiming to be as useful as possible.
Daniel Brandenburg Daniel Brandenburg, a staff member of iOrbix, has helped the company grow since its release and has been of great assistance to its Founders.

As a Graphic Design student, Daniel discovered his passion for Designing when he was only 13 years old. It started from his visits to his Grandfather who was working in an Advertising Agency. Daniel became fascinated by everything that the workers did there.

Soon Daniel began to learn about CSS and HTML from online Forums. He then furthered himself in these skills by taking several courses.
At the moment he is learning SQL and PHP.

Daniel also owns his own business, an Advertising Agency with which he has fun doing his job.
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