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cualquier cosa es mas real que la relacion de ustedes dos lol
I'm starting to think that you wish it were true. Awww, did either of us hurt you in the past? Please, grow up and get over it.
Lo que pase no creo que te importe mucho jajaja kelly siempre los escoge asi
The fact is I'm pretty sure nothing is going to happen. I don't care about getting eaten by dragons either because they're fake, like you.
Por que respondes en ingles?
Why don't you ask questions in english? My profile is in english, after all.
Khe? no, iran por ella para callarla por estupida y tu solo veras jajaja
Mmm, as far as I can tell, the only idiot here who won't shut up is you. So, we'll see what happens. Probably nothing, as usual.
jajajaja definitivamente no te importa nada, la van a matar c:
Ah, you've been following our plot then? She's a suicidal angel. A cute one, too.
Contestas las preguntas para no quedar mal con ella jajajajaja
If you knew me at all, you'd know I only do whatever I want to do.
Entonces no la defenderias. :c
From the likes of you, what's the point?
Deberias conseguirte una mejor novia esa de ni adorno sirve
I like her just the way she is.
Y si la insulto te sentaras a ver y ya? :c
Que importan los insultos de alguien que ni da la cara? Una bolsa de basura maloliente es mas ofensivo que un anonimo.
O sea que si le pego tu no la defiendes? :c
Depende. Si eres hombre o un transexual bruto entonces si. Si eres mujer, me imagino que ella misma te devolvera el golpe.
31-40 of 44
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