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I'm fine thanks, how are you? :)
Is it true that you like blondes?
I like all types of looks for girls actually :)Brunette, Black, Red Hair. Light or Dark Skin.Personality is much more important to me :D
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aici nu sunt jocuri cum este pe hi5 sau facebook
We don't have games at the moment, but we will have soon. At the end of this month, we will have a Beauty Contest Feature.
where are you? i miss you so much and am unhappy we are not at peace together
You can always find me here on iOrbix, I'm usually busy working, but I reply all Comments and Messages as soon as I get the time to do so.
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who would you like to fall in love with?
A girl who is Honest, Virtuous, Kind, Beautiful, and truly loves me with all of her heart :)
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what do you think of Tracy Pengelly?
I think she is Sweet, Kind, Hot, and a true person who loves those around her! :)
I think it was Tracy Pengelly that asked this question.
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