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What's your plans for the New Year ?
To work harder and more productive than I did last year. To have very much success with iOrbix and other projects. To go to Europe! :)
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What are you looking for in a woman?And do you plan on settling down any time soon?
A girl that is: Kind, Pure, Loves God, Beautiful, Truthful and Loves me. Yes I would like to have a girl like that if I can find ever her.
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why so serious?! oO
I'm not "so serious"... I'm also a fun and exciting guy at times :)
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do you like the summer??
Yes, it is ok for me, I like it a bit :)
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Do you like christmas ?
Yes I like Christmas, but it's not a very important time for me. Still it is probably the best time of the year, so I like it :D
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You like iOrbix ? :P
No :( I LOVE iOrbix! XD It is the best Social Network ever! :D
How are u?
I'm fine thanks :) Just very busy every day. And you?
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Have you got a girlfriend?
No, I never even had my first Girlfriend yet... :p
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cand vor fi jocuri pe iOrbix ?
We are hoping to have games on iOrbix by the start of next year. January 2011. But we will make a beauty contest at the end of this month :)
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