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I ask you this,because i dont understand how you dont have girlfriend to now,maybe you are difficult,and you want a girl to perfect...
As I said, I never had a girlfriend, because I never found a girl that really loves me. Don't need to be perfect, but a good and pure girl.
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Thanks, but what do you mean in the the previous question "you think you are difficult?" I don't think I am, but please explain if you wish.
but you dont understand now.i see you like a good guy for are angry?sorry..
I'm not angry at you. Why do you think so? I just don't understand very well some of your questions. Maybe ask in a different way. :)
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ok if you say..i can not believe one boy like you,dont have girlfriend to now...but ok.the last question to now:you think you are difficult?
Yes it's true. And I don't understand that question well. Girls don't really appreciate "good guys" in life, but rather bad boys.
you say you meet same long you stay wich one?the most longer time what you stay...
I didn't understand, sorry. I've never "stayed" with any girl before. I Never dated. I would hope for a long relation into marriage one day.
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how is posible to dont have girlfriend to now?why?what you are looking ?what you want for a girl?you are looking for Pamela ANDERSON?
I don't want to date every pretty girl I meet, like most guys do. I look for a Good, Pure girl who truly loves me. I have not found her yet.
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ANDREW how look your last girlfriend?
My last girlfriend?... I never had a girlfriend in my life... :/
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Would you give out mailing address thinking the peolpe you talk to seem good peolpe ?
I don't understand well. I don't give out other people's Mailing Address. But if I would like to talk more with someone, yes I give my Email
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What God means for you? :)
God means everything to me! ^_^ lol - Well he is my Father, Creator and Best Friend. I love God very much. :)
hello:) what are you doing??:D:)
Working hard like I do everyday :p Trying to make a better iOrbix :D
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