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Gostas de olhos verdes?
Sim *-*
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És lindo
Qual foi o primeiro rei de portugal?
Nuno Peralta
Which counties have you been to?
Many counties in Portugal and Ireland :P
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Do you like to drink beer? If you do. which brand is your favorite?
I don't drink alcohol! :P
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do the iorbix privacy and terms apply for all users including fictional profiles. i hope you say yes
They should, yes. Do you have any problems with it?
You know any other languages than the one native one of your country?
I know Portuguese, English. Also a bit of Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Japanese :)
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DO you like to go fishing? If you do. What is the biggest fish you've caught?
I have never tried fishing. But I believe I would find it very boring :) -- my biggest fish would be a Shark! :D
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Fogo, como é que sabias? :o
eu sei tudo xD
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claro, se adivinhares quem sou!
Acho que adivinhei!!! ahahah
I think it was Marco Pinheiro that asked this question.
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1-10 of 48
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